The American Flag To Be Redesigned. What Do You Think Of It?

According to The Blaze, a 90 year old World War II Navy Veteran wants to change the american flag as we know it. In fact, he genuinely believes that he can improve it!

Samuel J. Kapral is a loyal America who claims that the limited amount of space for stars of the flag is a problem that needs to be fixed:

“Why are they such a limited area?” he told WCBS-TV, claiming that from a distance they are unrecognizable. “I know some people are very sentimental about this.” He believes these stars should viewed in all of their glory; large and proud.

Kapral started to redesign the flag about four years ago, finally settling on a look that expands the blue field for the stars to nearly half of the flag. Yet, even his own son doubts whether the updated look will become popular.

“That’s his proposed design?” one New Yorker told WCBS after being shown the design. “No, why should we change it?”

Even though his intentions seem pure, most people argue that the American flag is highly symbolic of our country, and that people are too attached to the current design to change it.

What do you think?



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