The Ridiculous People of Walmart

Who doesn’t love to shop at Walmart? This leading retail chain has everything that you need ranging from clothing, food, jewelry, electronics, and household items. With such a vast collection, the retail store attracts different types of people. In fact, the store may be America’s real retail convergence zone.

However, everyone has a unique experience purchasing at the store. Some of the clients who shop at Walmart walk in with unique costumes and habits that no one else can match. There is another group of people who go to the retail stores to snap the madness of the people of Walmart and share the weird photos. Here is our collection of the top 20 funniest photos of the people of Walmart.

I Am a Woman

Don’t let your eyes deceive you and don’t trust what you because am a "woman." If you ever forget that fact, then the reminder is right there at my back. Still, doubt it? Roll along and let me do my shopping because am a "woman" and I will always remind you.

Traveling in Style

My travel experience just got better. I’m here relaxing waiting for the air hostess to serve me some drinks as I look forward to a wonderful flight. Maybe I just need to rest a little bit as I prepare for the tough journey ahead.

We’re Twins, and We Love Our Style

Check our jackets, aren’t they lovely? Do you admire our pretty dog? Stick to what brought you here since we’re also busy checking the new arrivals. Still surprised at our “lovely” jackets? Roll your eyes down and get a glimpse of our new fashion shoes. These aren’t for the Walmart People.





My Thong My Style

Whoever said that there were specific beauty accessories meant for women and others for men lied. It’s my life, and I am living it the way I want Are you bothered with my style, I will roll my T-shirt upwards so that you see the red color. Isn’t it “lovely”?

Don’t Bother Me

Whoever said that I need to hit the gym? Don’t you love my "six-pack?" Maybe am going to put on a mini-blouse, rock in an unzipped jumper and let you see how I have been busy in the gym. Do you hate me? You better restrict your calorie-intake to achieve half of what I have achieved.

I Love What Am Seeing

How dare you cheat me that there is nothing between your thighs? Am right here and am confirming how terrible you’re at lying. Anyway, I don’t want you to notice what am doing so am not going to say a word because I love what am seeing.

Come On! Am Hungry

You came shopping, but you forgot to carry along my feeding bottle. But don’t worry, I’ll just grab the source and feed myself. Maybe this will be a sweet reminder that next time remembers to pack some food for me.

You Need it, I’ve Got It

Stop staring at my perfect body shape and pass. Can’t you see I am with my man? Seeing is believing and right here in front of you, so you better forget about Kim Kardashian and start appreciating my effort since am the next big thing!


I Love Color Matching

They say one man’s meat is another man’s poison. I am out here rocking in my blue color, and I love it. And wait, did I just spot a blue trolley? I Swear I am going to clear all the blue colors from Walmart. If you are thinking, I’m joking then ask my blue doll.

Pink is My Weakness

I came, I saw, and I conquered. Do you have any questions for me? If it’s about my latest pink dress then you better not ask because am in love with it. Want to know where I got it from? Talk to my Italian designer, and you may soon get yours.

Jah, Rastafari!

No room for many tiny dreadlocks on my head, so I opted to combine all the small ones to one that signifies who I am. The Bob Marley Legacy lives on through me and only me. And you think I don’t know about the Rastafarian colors? Check out my black suit!

My Suit My Choice

My biggest dream was to be born a girl, and I am just about to achieve the dream. About my suit? It’s the latest trend in town, so you better start getting used to it. I just love my stocking and my pretty sure that you like it too.

24-Hour Security

Hey buddy! I did my shopping, but I was a little bit late for the billing, but if you think you’re going to steal from me then you’re wrong. I will just let my hand take control of everything and wait for the cashier to be back to serve me.




Am the Rassle around Here

You don’t want to see me? Hey look, am just 6.0′ tall, have a lazy eye, and I am putting on my wife-beater just to keep up with the weather. I don’t give a damn, but I want us to be friends. Will you join me we go shopping?

I Got the Cutest Hair–walmart-photos-walmart-people.jpg

I got out the house in a hurry, and I couldn’t afford the time to make my hair appear shorter. So am here standing in front you. I could have let you pass, but my hair won’t allow me to; so I chose to stand here and let you have a view of what having long hair means.

Biscuits and Porn

Let’s Have Some Biscuits and Po*n. Do you think am mad? I came to shop for some biscuits since they’re a great snack when am watching my favorite Po** stars. It’s a weekend, and we got to enjoy ourselves. Will you accompany me so that we enjoy together?

I Came for a Drink, and I Got It

I was enjoying some sunbathing on the Southern coast when I realized that I have run out of snacks. I had to rush to Walmart to get some refreshing drink and a snack. Don’t you think am pretty? Come, let’s go and enjoy some sunbathing at the beach.

Am Sexy, and I Know It

I came shopping, but I had to remind some of my haters that I’m still the prettiest woman around here. Can’t you see how my body is well curved? I swear you can resist my beautiful butt. If you ever forget this fact, I’ll be here to remind you.




Business Promotion–walmart-pics-walmart-people.jpg

We all understand the impact of a good marketing strategy for a business. We value our clients, and we thought some more potential clients could be shopping at Walmart, so we brought our services advert right at their doorstep.

Sorry But I Forgot to Put on My Diapers

What the heck is that? Did someone just step out of their house without putting on their diapers? Or should we just assume that they had run out of stock, so they are here to shop for more? I’ll leave it and concentrate on other things.

Amanda B

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