These 20 Luxurious Celebrity Yachts Are Too Extravagant To Be Real

Whoever said that celebrity status had to be limited to land? With millions to blow, these stars take their vacations wherever they please, even to the high seas on luxury yachts!

These superyachts belong to actors, producers, political figures, businessmen, tech-wizards and dictators; these individuals of status know how to command the seas with style. These million-dollar vessels are not only gorgeous and sleek on the outside, but are loaded with expensive and high-tech gear within, making them absolute marvels for us to gander at.

Don’t be surprised if you get jealous as you check out these 20 stunning celebrity-owned yachts!

Paul Allen: Octopus

Ken Hodge/Flickr

This billionaire who built his fortune at Microsoft isn’t scared of getting this piece of high-tech equipment wet. Octopus was launched in 2013, and, at 414 feet long, is one of the world’s largest yachts. This luxury vessel features everything from game rooms to movie theaters. Allen also regularly lends out the vessel for research, exploration, and rescue missions!