30 Celebrities Who Went Broke and Have To Work Normal Jobs

“Money is a problem until you’ve got some.”


This adage is true for some, but not for these riches-to-rags celebrities. Whether it be gambling, bad investing, or poor spending, these people have all had to evade the taxman at least once in their lives. From boxers to actors to presidents of the United States, here are 30 celebrities who lost it all.


Vanilla Ice Sells Real Estate


The 90’s was no doubt Vanilla Ice’s glory days. When his records stopped selling for him, he obviously needed a new way of making money. Being a smart thinker, while his album “Ice, Ice Baby” was selling millions of records a day, he bought several properties. When he needed the cash he realized that his profits were doing nothing and sold them, making a huge profit. He’s been buying and flipping houses ever since.