These Gorgeous Girls Of CrossFit Are Also The Sport’s Toughest Competitors


These CrossFit girls came to compete. They also came to look smokin’ hot doing it.

Crossfit has exploded in popularity over the last decade, and the sport’s top figures duke it out in nationally televised competitions. Last year, Icelandic hottie Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir won the Reebok CrossFit Games.

The road to the final competition isn’t easy, and building bodies like these takes time, clean eating, and a lot of sweat.

If you’re ready to take a closer look at the lovely ladies who chased CrossFit glory last year, this list is for you.

Our first competitor is a true beauty who could probably crush you like an empty can.


Sorry To Disappoint, But She Wears Pants When She Competes

Instagram / nopantslachance

Alexandra LaChance qualified for the CrossFit Games for the first time in 2014. She finished 17th in the South Regionals in 2015. Alexandra’s 2016 season was cut short by an injury. She was halfway through open competition last year when she decided to leave the sport to focus on Olympic weightlifting.

Next up is one of the most ripped female CrossFit athletes in the sport’s history, and she has some surprising news to share.