These Perfectly-Timed Sports Photos Will Make Even Non-Sports Fans Literal LOL


You might think that sports are all about good timing in the first place, and that’s certainly true. You need that perfect opportunity to set up a field goal or find space to drop the ball in the basket. But that’s a different kind of timing than comedic timing, and we want to laugh today.

These fantastic photos are moments that won’t ever happen again. They required a lucky photographer to be in the right place at the right time. Many of them convey the athletic determination of the sports star while still providing you with a wonderful laugh. Enjoy them.


What Smells So Bad?


This is extremely unfortunate for the guy in blue.  It looks his head has slipped into the stinky place where the sun don’t shine.  But, as bad as it may be for guy in blue, you gotta imagine it’s not all too comfortable for Red either!


Should’ve Kept Your Mask On


This is just painful and embarrasing.  Taking a baseball to the face, thrown from a Major Leaguer, has got to be one of the more painful things in life.  Add to the fact the guy scored easily, and this catcher is not having his best day.