These Politicians Are Popular, But Their Kids Are Absolute Nightmares


We tend to hold those in political power to a higher standard than we do ourselves. We see them as the golden moral pillars of society; perfect humans who never so much as double park.

Why? Great question. Politicians and the people that surround them are, in fact, normal humans. Hence, they are susceptible to the same struggles and moral failings as anyone, and that means that they can be pretty crappy parents sometimes.

Though the children of politicians are some of the most privileged in the nation, with all the attention on mom, dad, or both, these kids can sometimes go a little crazy and wind up known more for all the trouble, legal and otherwise, they get themselves into.

Here are some of the worst political children. By the end, you’ll think your kid is a saint.


From Peanuts To Power (Jimmy Carter’s Daughter)


Once a lowly peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter eventually rose to power as one of the most popular one-term presidents in history. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for his daughter.

Amy Carter was arrested four times during her father’s presidency (three times for protesting South African apartheid and once for protesting the CIA). All this protesting eventually caused her to flunk out of Brown University.