Thirteen States Unite To Stop Obama With THIS

Barack Hussein Obama is furious this week after thirteen states came together to fight back against one of his most ridiculous agendas.

The states united to condemn Obama’s transgender-friendly bathroom policies, which demand that gender-confused men and women be allowed in showers and locker rooms in all public places.

The debate began in North California, where the state’s new HB2 law, requiring people to use restrooms consistent with their biological sex, was challenged by the Justice Department.

North Carolina quickly filed a lawsuit against them for executive overreach.

That same week, Obama issued a letter to all public schools, arguing that they must allow transgender students and staff to use whichever restroom they please. Needless to say, North Carolina does not stand alone in their outrage.

Now, a dozen states have joined in the movement, defending North Carolina and the state’s rights to set these guidelines themselves. 

“You picked the wrong state to start this fight with,” Sen. Ralph Hise commented at the GOP convention in Greensboro.

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Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas was among the first to show his support, tweeting: “I announced today that Texas is fighting this. Obama can’t rewrite the Civil Rights Act. He’s not the King.”

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutichinson also tweeted to the school districts in his state, asking them to disregard Obama’s “guidance” on gender identification.

Alabama called Obama “absurd.”



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