This Is What Olympic Athletes REALLY Eat


Olympic fever is sweeping the world, with the world’s greatest athletes showing us what they’re made of. But what do these super-humans eat to sustain themselves?

Here, we have compiled a quick fact file on the diets of some of our favorite Olympians including world record-holding swimmer Adam Peaty and boxing star Nicola Adams, as well as USA swimmer Michael Phelps.

“An athlete’s performance, recovery and injury prevention is hugely influenced by what they consume,” said Dr Luke Powles.

“Many eat significantly larger quantities of food than one normally would to provide energy for their increased activity levels during the day.

“The maths is simple; you should only eat what the body needs – Michael Phelps, for example, needs a significant number of calories due to training and competing for many hours in a day.”

Dr Powles added: “All of us, athletes or not, should try to eat a healthy, balanced diet.”