This Woman Was Honoring Her Son After He Died In Iraq When This Cop Told Her To Look Straight Ahead…. This Was Unexpected…

It was in 2011 that Candida lost her son when he was deployed in Iraq. The Army Spc. Jose Torres Jr. was just 21 years old when he died. Just prior to his death, he had purchased a Nissan Cube having saved the money for many years. It was his most prized thing he had and it was a reminder to Candida of her son every time she was in it, so she started to drive it herself.

It was in 2015 that she was involved with a bad car accident and the Cube was completely wrecked. She didn’t receive any major injuries, but she was in disbelief about the car. The officer who responded at the scene saw that Candida had a license plate with a gold star on it, which is the symbol for when somebody has lost a close one in the line of duty. He also spotted that Candida was wearing the dog tags of her dead son. This very kind officer decided to make an unbelievable gesture.

As Candida was holding the ceremony on the fourth anniversary of her son’s death, the officer arrived with the Cube. Straight after the accident, he had transferred the car to his own name. He made a number of phone calls and managed to fix the Cube thanks to the help of a few local mechanics. When Candida saw the repaired Cube; she was beyond ecstatic and was crying out of happiness. She was very touched by the actions of the officer and could not stop thanking him.



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