Tiffany Is Not The “Forgotten Trump” And Here’s Why

Tiffany Trump, Donald’s youngest of two daughters, is the only child born out of his second marriage to Marla Maples. Tiffany has been called the “forgotten Trump” by various publications, as though she’s been all but forgotten since her father’s election to the presidency.

But maybe Tiffany is only out of the limelight because she has a lot going on! Here’s a look at Tiffany’s life and what the future may hold for her.

Tiffany Trump, Born In 1993


Marla gave birth to Tiffany just two months before she was married to Donald in 1993. Their marriage ended in divorce in June 1999.

“I think you always hope in a marriage that you can bring the best out in each other,” Marla said in an interview. “But after many years, we realized we weren’t.”

Divorced Parents At Age Four


Marla and Tiffany went to California once the divorce was finalized.

“I had the blessing of raising her pretty much on my own,” she told the New York Times. That line was probably intended to throw a little bit of shade at Donald, no? Either way, she doesn’t make a habit of speaking negatively…

Marla Still Shows Love, Which Is Good For Tiffany


Marla has continued to express her love for Donald and his children to this day. “I couldn’t be more proud of her,” she said about Tiffany. And as for Tiffany’s relationship with her siblings, all is well, too. Ivanka has always maintained a close relationship with her half-sister.

A Close Bond With Her Big Sister


“I’ve been close to Tiffany her whole life, and I really love her,” Ivanka has said. It’s not the same situation for Ivanka’s relationship with Tiffany’s mother, but that sort of makes sense. When People magazine asked Ivanka if she was close with Marla, she replied,  “I’m not. She was out in California and really my relationship is with Tiffany.”

Dad Was Around, Just Occasionally


Living across the country made it tough for Tiffany to spend much time with her father. The pair were mostly reunited during Tiffany’s spring breaks, when they would meet up at Mar-a-Lago. He did visit her from time to time, though: “Whenever Tiffany got an award, he would fly to California to see her get it,” said a family friend.

Ivanka Took Care Of Her


Tiffany wasn’t always gifted with the same things as her siblings, but Ivanka intervened and changed that.

“I went to our father and suggested he think about surprising Tiffany with a credit card for Christmas,” Ivanka wrote in her first book. “Tiffany didn’t get to enjoy the same surprises, just by virtue of lack of proximity. All she wanted, really, was a way to enjoy some of the privileges her friends got to enjoy.”

A Fresh College Graduate


Donald attended Tiffany’s 2016 commencement ceremony at the University of Pennsylvania. UPenn is his alma mater, as well as Ivanka’s. Tiffany graduated with a double major in both sociology and urban studies.

He’s a proud father, then, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not capable of totally putting his foot in his mouth…

Occasional Odd Statements From The Don


In classic Donald style, though, Tiffany’s dad says the strange occasional thing.

“I’m very proud of my children,” he said last year. “I’m very proud because Don and Eric and Ivanka and—you know, to a lesser extent because she just got out of school, out of college, but, uh, Tiffany, who has also been so terrific,” he said.


Where Was Tiffany?


Throughout Donald’s presidential campaign, journalists and citizens wondered where exactly Tiffany was. Ivanka, her husband, and Donald’s other sons all made front and center appearances. Tiffany was probably wise to stay out of the spotlight, really.

That is, until the Republican National Convention, when she stepped up and gave a speech.

Donald Didn’t See Her Speech, Though


Weirdly enough, Donald didn’t see her speech. He’d already flown back to New York for the evening.

“I don’t know what it’s like to have a typical father figure,” Tiffany said to DuJour magazine. “He’s not the dad who’s going to take me to the beach and go swimming, but he’s such a motivational person.”

Lucky To Have A Big Sister


Ivanka seems to do the heavy lifting in terms of guidance, advice, etc. Apparently, Tiffany turns to Ivanka for advice about politics, relationships, and much more—“all the things she picked up from being famous,” according to a family friend.

Really, it looks like an authentic bond. There’s no reason why they’d share so much love on social media if they weren’t close, right?

A Moment Of Self-Awareness For The Don


Everyone knows that Donald tends to say brash, sometimes questionable things, but he does have the capacity for self-awareness—or, rather, he did a few decades ago.

“Statistically, my children have a very bad shot,” he said in a 1990 Playboy magazine interview. “Children of successful people are generally very, very troubled, not successful.”

She Did Eventually Step Up For Dad’s Campaign…


Really, it’s probably for the best that Tiffany (as well as Barron) stayed out of the political spotlight. Headlines ripped them to shreds at times when they hadn’t said or done a single thing, after all.

Tiffany did eventually choose to step in and join her father’s campaign trail, though…

…By Teaming Up With Her Sister


She joined Ivanka, of course! The sisters led a woman-focused roundtable discussion together in Michigan.

“Tiffany is a tremendous young woman with a big and beautiful heart,” Donald told the New York Times. “She was always a great student and a very popular person no matter where she went.”

A Normal Childhood, Thanks To Mom


“We were always together,” Tiffany said about Marla. “She gave me the chance to have a normal childhood.” Mother and daughter are pictured here on a Colorado ski trip, joined by Ivanka, too. Ivanka helped Tiffany pin down an internship at Vogue magazine in 2011; like her big sister, she has also walked New York runways in fashion shows.

Take The Fame And Run


“When I graduated from college a couple of months ago,” she said at the Republican National Convention, “I never expected to be here tonight addressing the country.”

While Tiffany doesn’t have an office in the White House, she does have some degree of attention from the United States—and even the world, really.

Side Note: Tiffany Released A Song


Tiffany actually released a pop song in 2011 called “Like A Bird.” (It’s not on Spotify.) She collaborated with artists Sprite and LogiQ for the track, which goes like this: “Everybody’s partying, obsessin’ over crazy things—I just want serenity while living it up.”

The song is posted on YouTube.

Music Didn’t Turn Into A Career Track, Though


“I love music,” Tiffany explained in a 2011 segment on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show. “It’s always been a big passion for me. It’s more of a hobby right now, but we’ll see in a couple of years if I actually do want to take it to the next level.”

Legally Blonde, Perhaps


What’s next for young Tiffany?

She recently told People magazine that she’s considering law school. “We’ll see what I can find,” she said in the interview. “I’m really interested in fashion and technology and kind of just want to be at a place that’s innovative and new, where I can actually implement change and have a voice.”

Jumping In With Both Feet


If you’d like to keep track of Tiffany’s life, she shares plenty of stuff on Twitter and Instagram. A close friend explained to Vanity Fair that Tiffany is “trying to establish her own identity outside the family.” They added that she “is jumping into this whole process with both feet.”