Top 20 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Gay

Many movie stars and artists are in gay relationships. Even though they try to keep their private life away from the public domain, they are eventually exposed. However, there are those who embrace who they are by admitting to the world that they are gay. Below is a list of 20 celebrities who you didn’t know were gay.

1. Tom Daley

Tom used a homemade video to break his silence regarding his relationship status. Through the video, he talked about his relationship with Dustin Lance Black. Daley admitted to having dated various girls in the past, but upon meeting Black, his perception about relationship changed. He says that they have a great chemistry with black even though he fancies girls.

2. Michael Stipe

As a renowned actor, author, and director, Michael Stipe always considered his orientation to be unusual. However, after hiding it from the media for ten years, he came out and admitted that he was gay. In numerous interviews which followed, Michael admitted that he kept it hidden since he didn’t want to violate his partner’s privacy.

3. Jodie Foster


Foster somewhat publicly came out for the first time during her 2013 Golden Globes acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award. She nervously approached her big reveal: “I’m going to need your support on this. I am, uh, single.” Foster hadn’t actively concealed her orientation, but she didn’t flaunt it either.

4. Wentworth Miller

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There were huge speculations that the main prison break character Wentworth Miller was gay. After the series concluded, he was faced with allegations of being gay to which he admitted. His orientation was met with criticism from most of his fans which made him strive to keep off from the public spotlight.


5. Zachary Quinto

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The “Heroes” and “Star Trek” fans were very shocked when Zachary Quinto came out during a New York Times interview and declared that he was gay. This was after he repeatedly dodged questions about his orientation but finally decided to spill the beans to end the speculation.


6. Anna Paquin


Anna was beloved as Sooki Stackhouse on the HBO show “True Blood.”  Her sexual orientation has long been questioned, and she stayed in the closet for quite some time.  After years of speculation, Paquin finally openly admitted her orientation and married her longtime girlfriend, having a child together.  She has since become very outspoken in the gay community, encouraging younger children to embrace their orientation.

7. Charlie Sheen

If you are addicted to movies, you must have seen Charlie Sheen on your screens. He is one of the biggest actors of all time. For a better part of his life, Sheen lived a lavish life wasting most of his money with prostitutes. People started doubting his relationship orientation when a tape of his spending time with another man leaked to the public. This exposure negatively impacted his acting career.


8. Ricky Martin

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Martin was motivated by his twin sons to declare his orientation to the public. This was after years of hiding his orientation for the fear of public criticism. He made the declaration using an internet post claiming that hiding his orientation was constantly diminishing the glow with which his sons were born with.



9. Rupert Everett

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Everett is a renowned actor who has always faced criticism from friends and family members because of being gay. In most of his movie roles, he is portrayed as a family man who is the reason he decided to keep his orientation away from the public domain for a long time. However, he finally declared to the world that he was gay and asked for the support of his friends and family members.

10. Cynthia Nixon


For “The Sex and The City” star, Cynthia Nixon, being gay was always a choice to her, stating “I’ve been straight and I’ve been gay, and gay is better.” Nixon was previously married to Danny Mozes, an English professor, but after the couple divorced, Nixon got together with her now wife, Christine Marinoni.

11. Jonathan Bennett

Bennett is a popularly known actor mainly because of speaking for the gay community advocating for their rights and recognition. His orientation was revealed accidentally during an interview in an entertainment channel. After spilling the beans, he joined the campaign advocating for the recognition of the gay community.

12. Bob Harper

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Bob, a celebrity trainer, managed to keep his orientation from the public domain for more than 15 years. There were numerous speculations of him being gay which have led to a substantial amount of media coverage in his private life. As such, he has been struggling to keep away from media spotlight while at the same time trying to inform the world about the effects of being judged due to your orientation.

13. Victor Garber

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As a veteran actor, Victor has been in a gay relationship with artist Rainer Andreesen for many years. When he was asked by a blogger about his orientation, Victor seemed surprised by the question since he thought everyone knew he is gay. Currently, the couple has lived together for 14 years.

14. David Hyde Pierce

After being allowed to marry legally in California, David and his boyfriend Brian Hargrove have been together for 26 years now. The marriage was, however, a secret ceremony since they feared being judged by the public. However. After two years of being married, Pierce declared publicly that he was gay.

15. Sean Hayes

Sean Hayes is an actor in the Will and Grace Comedy show. He announced to the world about being gay in October 2010 after keeping his orientation private for a very long period. He claims that he feared to jeopardize his chances of getting good acting roles once his sexual orientation became public. However, he has since been apologetic to the gay community for hiding his orientation for many years.

16. Jim Parsons

Jim always hid the issue of orientation in his professional and public life, but he is known to live as a gay person in his private life. This “Big Bang Theory” actor declared that he was gay during an interview with New York Times. After the declaration he has since become the highest paid gay actor on TV.

17. Matt Bomer

Bomer is popularly known due to his acting roles in “The Normal Heart,” “White Collar,” and “All my Children.” When accepting a Steve Chase Humanitarian Award at the Desert AIDs Project in 2012, Bomer publicly declared his orientation and gave out a shout-out to his husband and three kids.

18. Frank Ocean

Frank is a rising R&B singer who is behind the hit song “Novacane.” He admitted to being gay in 2012 after writing on his Tumblr blog that his first love was a man. After the declaration, he claimed that his career had suffered significantly but he felt free since he had nothing to hide.

19. Adam Lambert

Lambert has been a second runner-up in the American Idol. He gained the courage of announcing his orientation to the world during the fourth season of the American Idol reality show. He used the world’s judgment about his gay nature and used it to make many hit songs that are hugely listened to even in current times.

20. Jonathan Groff

Jonathan is popularly known for his role in the most recent HBO series “Looking” and also for his share in Broadway performances. Groff approached his parents claiming that he was gay but would never march in a parade. He is currently single and ready to mingle.

21. Jason Collins

Collins is an NBA player who declared his orientation during the 2011 NBA player lockout. According to him, his basketball zeal was fading off since he hadn’t accepted who he was and what he wanted with life. He I the first major American athlete to declare that he is gay and he hopes to lead by example.

22. Matt Dallas

The “Kyle XY” actor made the announcement about his orientation on the New Year day in 2013. He made the declaration using simple tweets whereby he claimed to be happily engaged to his boyfriend Blue Hamilton.

23. Sam Smith

The 22-year-old breakout singer revealed that he was gay in an interview with Fader. He claimed that despite writing love songs, he had never experienced it himself. According to Smith, his debut album “In the Lonely Hour” featured a guy he loved but he was not loved back in return.