Top Obama Ally Arrested For THIS – Facing Major Prison Time

A top Democratic lawmaker has found herself in hot water on Friday as she is set to receive a federal indictment stemming from her relationship with a questionable Virginia-based charity.

The Washington Examiner reported that Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Fla, is set to appear before a federal magistrate judge Friday afternoon in Jacksonville. Brown, a 10-term Democrat who represents Florida’s 5th Congressional District, has reportedly been under investigation for months.

This came after Carla Wiley, a former Brown associate, confessed to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud with a sham non-profit called the One Door for Education Foundation. Wiley had been the president of the organization, and she reached a plea deal with authorities just after Brown was served with a subpoena by federal agents in Jacksonville in January.

The U.S. House Ethics Committee announced that they had launched an investigation into Brown as soon as the deal was reached.

Disturbing court documents have disclosed Brown’s scheme to defraud donors to the One Door for Education out of $800,000. The money given to the non-profit, which was never registered with the IRS, was used to benefit two individuals identified only as Person A and Person B. Brown is believed to be Person A.

Despite the fact that a 2013 fundraising event was hosted by both Brown and One Door for Education, the congresswoman denied knowing Wiley after Brown’s photo appeared in a photo collage on the non-profit’s website that included a photo of Wiley.

Brown is currently running for re-election in a newly drawn district, and she claims this whole investigation is a conspiracy to take her down.

“They’re all together. The goal is to get rid of Corrine Brown,” she said.

However, Brown suddenly dropped her appeal of the newly redrawn districts last month.

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