Trump Destroys Top Liberal Anchor On Live TV

Things got awkward between Donald Trump and ABC’s George Stephanopoulis during an interview on Good Morning America on Friday when the presumptive GOP presidential nominee brought up the shamelessly liberal reporters’s ties to the Clintons.

According to The Blaze, Stephanopoulis pointed out that Trump had been attacked by Hillary Clinton for not releasing his tax returns. He then asked if American voters deserve to see his tax returns before the election.

“I don’t think they do,” Trump responded, adding that he is currently undergoing a “routine audit” and Clinton is a “hypocrite” because she has yet to release her “missing emails” and “Goldman Sachs speeches.” The business mogul went on to say that he would release his tax returns “as soon as the audit ends.”

Stephanopoulis then noted that the IRS has said that an audit isn’t a barrier to “public release.”

“President Nixon — Richard Nixon — released his tax returns even though he was under audit,” Stephanopoulos said.

Trump wouldn’t budge, and when the ABC anchor continued to press him, The Donald replied, “I know she’s a good friend of yours and that you worked for her, though I know you didn’t reveal it.”

“But there are a lot of emails missing,” Trump continued, adding “There are emails missing all over the place! The whole thing’s a scam.”

Trump then told Stephanopoulis that his tax rate “is none of your business.”

During Bill Clinton’s presidency, Stephanopoulis worked as the White House director of communications. He is also a top donor for the Clinton Foundation, yet he claims to not be biased at all. Yeah, right…

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