Trump Drops Criminal Bombshell On Hillary – This Could Destroy Her

Patriots were outraged to learn this week that Barack Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch had secretly met with Bill Clinton, despite the potential indictment against his wife. Now, Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to blast the Clintons and the Obama administration for this.

According to The Business Insider, Trump said Friday morning that Hillary “probably” suggested the meeting in order to gain favor in the FBI’s investigation into her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

“As Bernie Sanders said, Hillary Clinton has bad judgement. Bill’s meeting was probably initiated and demanded by Hillary!” Trump wrote, referencing one of the jabs Sanders took against Hillary in a primary.

While speaking to Fox News on Thursday, Trump revealed how much the meeting shocked him.

“When I first heard that yesterday afternoon, I actually thought they were joking,” Trump said. “I’m flabbergasted by it.”

Lynch claims that she met with Bill simply to discuss their grandchildren and golf. It’s truly insulting to the intelligence of the American people that she expects us to actually believe that.

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