Trump Drops Massive Hint As To Who His VP Will Be

Donald Trump has been dominating the polls for months now, so many are assuming that he will be getting the GOP presidential nomination. Now, the only question is who he will be naming as his Vice President.

Though Trump has stayed silent on who he is thinking of naming as his running mate, he dropped a major hint this week as to who the person will be.

For some time now, Americans have been trying to determine who GOP frontrunner Donald Trump would elect as his Vice President if he becomes the Republican candidate.

Some have suggested that Trump should run with Sarah Palin, but others argue that Ben Carson would be the strongest running mate.

Now, it appears that Trump may be listening to that second group.

He recently showed respect for his former competitor when he retweeted Carson. Take a look at the exchange below:

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 3.55.21 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-12 at 3.55.21 PM

Carson has also mentioned that he has no hard feelings for Trump, though the two exchanged in mudslinging when they were going head-to-head.
Though vague, it appears that Trump may be headed toward a valuable partnership.

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