Trump-Hating Protester Tries To Grab Cop’s Pistol – Gets A BRUTAL Dose Of Reality

During a Donald Trump rally in San Diego this weekend, one liberal protester decided it would be a good idea to try to grab a gun from a police officer. Unfortunately for him, however, he quickly learned he’d made a huge mistake.

Watch as the cop gives this protester the wakeup call he desperately needed!

But at the San Diego Convention Center where Trump spoke, the Mexicans went absolutely bonkers, pulling out bushes and rocks and hurling it all at police who were guarding the entrance as the situation spiraled out of control.

Then as several Mexicans battled with police, they decided they should try and grab the GUN of one of the officers.

“Get his gun!” one female Mexican shouted out, according to KABC‘s Dan O’Brien.

She tried first, reaching in and coming out with his radio. But then her tall companion tried his luck.

It was a very bad idea, as he soon found out, at the tip of the cop’s baton:

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