Trump Just Got The Best News Of His Life – This Could Change Everything

The GOP establishment is currently to take down Donald Trump, but a new poll shows that their efforts have all been in vain.

According to Daily Mail, a new NBC News/SurveyMonkey that was released this morning shows that a record 48% of Republicans currently stand behind frontrunner Trump. Ted Cruz is in second place with 27%, and John Kasich is in third with 18%.

Each candidate got a slight boost in this poll after Marco Rubio dropped out earlier this month.


Until this morning, the highest number Trump had received was 47% support in a CNN/ORC poll that came out a few weeks ago.

This poll will come as very bad news to members of the GOP establishment, who are desperate to steal the nomination from Trump because they know they will never be able to control him in the White House. Sorry, Republican elite, but it looks like there’s nothing you can do to stop Trump now!



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