Trump Makes Bombshell Announcement About Next Fox Debate – Nobody Saw This Coming

After his numerous victories on Tuesday, GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump appeared on Fox & Friends on Wednesday morning. There, he dropped a bombshell that many didn’t see coming.

According to Mediaite, Trump revealed he will not be attending the next debate, which is set to air on Fox News on March 21.

“Nobody told me about the debate,” Trump said, adding that he has already committed to giving a speech to what he estimates is a crowd of “eight or nine thousand people” that night.

Fox hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade tried to convince Trump to change his mind, saying “The voters love [the debates] though!”

“No, you know who loves them? The networks,” clarified Trump. “Haven’t we had enough?”

“Would you consider reconsidering?” asked Kilmeade.

“You hit me with it yesterday… so I’m not going to do the debate,” said Trump.

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