Trump May Be Stripped Of THIS State’s Delegates Despite Winning Over Voters

After Ted Cruz grabbed 34 delegates in Colorado’s convention on Saturday, Donald Trump spoke out to say that he believes the primary system is “rigged” by “the bosses” of the GOP.

“It’s a totally corrupt, rigged system,” Trump said, according to Bizpac Review.

GOP bosses reportedly changed the delegate system in Colorado back in March just to make sure Trump wouldn’t win any delegates, despite Republican National Committee (RNC) spokespersons claiming otherwise. Now, they are reportedly trying to do the same thing in Indiana.

On Wednesday,  GOP party leaders sat down for a closed-door meeting in Indiana in which they chose 21 delegates that are expected to be anti-Trump, even though voters don’t get to vote for another three weeks in the state, according to Bloomberg News. This is the same exact thing that happened in Colorado.

Making matters worse, this same tactic is expected to be used in in Wyoming, where 14 delegates are chosen at the state primary’s convention, the majority of which are reportedly anti-Trump.

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