Obama Stays Silent When 90 Year Old WWII Veteran Beaten To Death By Thugs.

Chances are, you haven’t heard the story about two black teens killing an 88 year old World War II Veteran named Delbert Belton. This honorable man, who was wounded in action during WWII at the Battle of Okinawa, was horrifically murdered by two teens who beat him and left him for dead at the Eagles Lodge in Spokane. Of course, this Veteran did not receive any public acknowledgement from Obama or his administration.

KXLY-TV, who broke the story, quotes witnesses describing two black male suspects, who attacked Belton as he was about to head inside of the lodge to play pool. Police received a call about the assault, and found the elderly victim sitting in his car.

Luckily, the two suspects were later caught and charged, but nothing can undo the damage they caused.

What punishment should be given to these teens?




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