Veteran Thrown Out Of Pizza Hut Is Causing Outrage

A popular pizza chain in Wisconsin kicked a Veteran out because he was wearing four patches signifying his service as a U.S. Marine. Apparently, the patches, shown below, were offensive:

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 11.13.59 PM

The veteran took to Facebook to explain the situation, recounting: “I decided to go to Pizza Hut for their lunch buffet after work and was approached by the manager who came to tell me that for the safety of the patrons and staff they do not allow people in the restaurant wearing gang colors.”

As described, the only gang colors this vet was proudly wearing were those of the Marine Corps.

The vet continued: “I was wearing my black leather jacket that has 4 patches and the back of the jacket is embroidered. One patch says USMC, the other patch says Marine Combat Veteran, the 3rd patch is the unit patch for 3rd Marines 3rd Batallion and there is a patch of the US flag on it. I pointed out that these are not gang colors but represent one of the branches of our military,”

He explained that he “earned the right to wear them” and WE AGREE!

Marine Colors

The manager of the Pizza Hut claimed that his disrespect should be excused because he’s ignorant. Perhaps the manager should have learned more about the military before opening his mouth.

The veteran did acknowledge that this isolated incident does not represent all Pizza Hut franchises. In a response to his initial post, he wrote that he believes it was just a case of a “young manager trying to look like he was in control.”

Do you think the manager should have known more about our military before opening his mouth?




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