VIDEO: Mark Cuban Turns On Hillary and Calls Her Out!!

The well-known billionaire has been supporting Hillary in recent months, but he has flipped the script now and undercutted her main argument when it comes to Trump.

We all know that Hillary has based her plan of attack against Trump by focusing on him not releasing his tax returns.

She said during the first debate that he’s afraid to do so as he is not worth as much as he says and he doesn’t make many charitable donations.

Trump has made the point that tax returns do not show his net worth and he has gone into the fact that he is currently being audited and that any lawyer in the world would advise you not to release your tax returns when being audited.


Here is a photo of Trump mocking how long it takes for him to sign the lengthy tax returns.

A shocking development came when Cuban took the side of Trump on this issue.

Even though he hates Trump, he doesn’t agree with Hillary that his tax returns should be publicized.

Check out this video why.



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