VIDEO: Media Panicking As Rand Paul Proves How Hillary Should Be In Prison Live On TV

A lot of people have condemned Trump for the comments he has made about Hillary and Obama throughout his campaign.

This is deposit the fact that the media has been extremely biased. It seems like it is only conservative news channels reporting on all of Hillary’s transgressions. They would have you believe that she is just all sunshine and flowers, when in reality she is one of the most corrupt politicians this nation has ever seen.

Finally someone has come out and unleashed on live TV on Hillary. Well done Rand Paul.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said on The Factor that Hillary Clinton is not fit to be president and “should be in prison.”

Paul told Eric Bolling that the former First Lady should face indictment both for the secrets she exposed by using a private email server and for the “pay-to-play” allegations connected to the Clinton Foundation.

He emphasized that the daily schedule for Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was killed in Benghazi, was found in one of Clinton’s emails.

“You can understand why he wouldn’t have wanted the jihadists to know where he was, when he was and why that was inexcusable that Hillary Clinton would put that out there and not put it in a secure place,” said Paul.

He said that in his view, FBI Director James Comey seemed to want to indict Clinton and probably “feels guilty” that he didn’t.


He certainly mentioned prison! Not many personalities on the conservative side are in support of Trump, but Paul has sent a precedent showing how Hillary should be behind bars.



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