‘The View’ Makes Fatal Mistake – Facing Cancellation After They Do THIS

The shamelessly liberal talk show The View has been on it’s last legs for quite some time. Now, they have just made a major mistake that could finally get them cancelled for good.

According to American NewsThe View has found themselves in hot water over comments they made about Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson and her touching monologue about being a nurse. During her monologue in the Miss America pageant, second runner-up Johnson talked about an experience she had with an Alzheimer’s patient while working as a nurse.

“I went over to him and I lifted his head up out of his hands,” Johnson began, according to American News. “And I said, ‘Joe, I know that this is really hard. But, you are not defined by this disease.’”

Millions of viewers found the monologue to be touching, but loudmouth The View co-host Michelle Collins disagreed. The comedienne claimed that Johnson “came in a nurse’s uniform, and basically read emails out loud and shockingly did not win. I swear to God it was hilarious.”

“Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope around her neck?” co-host Joy Behar chimed in, as both women went on to agree that Johnson actually had no talent.

Social media immediately erupted with anger towards The View for this, with the hashtag #NursesUnited going viral.

The View sponsors Johnson & Johnson and Eggland’s Best responded to the backlash by pulling their advertisements from the show.

“We disagree with recent comments on daytime television about the nursing profession and we have paused our advertising accordingly,” healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson wrote in a statement.

The hosts of The View have since begged for forgiveness, but it may be too late for them. SHARE this story if you think The View should be CANCELLED!



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