Watch: Sheriff Joe Just Revealed What Happened To Trump Protesters Who Blocked Road, Crowd Instantly Erupts (VIDEO)

Protestors continue to wreak havoc at Donald Trump rallies. Most recently, in a suburb outside of Phenix called Fountain Hills, AZ, which happens to be the hometown for Sherrif Joe Arpaio’s, protestors used their cars and bodies to block off one of the main roadways.

Fortunately, after only an hour delay, the rally still went on despite the annoying disturbance. Sheriff Arpaio introduced Trump, saying “We had a little problem. Some demonstrators were trying to disrupt” at which point the crowd of several thousand people erupted into boos… “but we made it. And three of them are in jail!”. As you’ll see in the video, the audience took a liking to this.

The sheriff added, “if they think they are going to intimidate you, and the next president of the United States, not going to happen. Not in this town!”

“I’m proud of him, as I know you all are, because at least we have someone that is not afraid to speak out,” Arpaio said speaking about the GOP front-runner. And we are proud of the sheriff for handling the situation so well!

During his rally, Trump went after Sen. Ted Cruz, referring to him multiple times as a liar. (See starting at 8:20 below.)

Trump said, “You know lying Ted. We call him lying Ted. You know what, the evangelicals don’t like liars. So we go into South Carolina. That was his stronghold. And Trump wins it in a landslide.” The candidate also recounted victories in other states that he was not supposed to win.

Then Trump took to Kasich, “He’s weak on illegal immigration. That is the end of him. Certainly as far as Phoenix is concerned, and as far as Arizona is concerned…And he approved NAFTA.”

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