WATCH: Woman Stomps On American Flag — Quickly Learns That Was A HUGE Mistake! (VIDEO)

The Eric Sheppard Hr. challenge is an anti-American knock off of the ALS Bucket Challenge. Sheppard is a self-proclaimed terrorist, and a member of the New Black Panthers Party member.

One prominent member of the New Black Panthers Party named Eric Sheppard, created a new horrific challenge. In short, it’s the hateful and anti-American take of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This is DISGRACEFUL!

Most recently, Sheppard made headlines for leading a protest at Valdosta State University. During the protest, he committed a shameful and disrespectful act by throwing the American flag on the ground and stomping on it. Police officers responded to the scene, but unfortunately the criminal escaped on foot.

He is still on the run and is wanted by the Valdosta, Georgia Police Department. Even worse, when the department found his backpack on campus, they learned that he was carrying a loaded gun.

Things continued to spiral out of control from there. After the protest was posted to social media, Erica Walker, one of Sheppard’s followers began a demonstration of her own. She asked someone to snap a photo of her stomping on the flag while standing next to a friend. The two women held up their fists to symbolize their support of the Black Panthers.

She later released a video of her stomping on the American Flag. ‘

When a local newspaper informed Walker’s employers of her actions, a representative from 1380 WAOK The Voice of the Community delivered a swift response:

“We appreciate your thoughts on this matter and taking the time to share them with us, please note that Erica Walker is no longer with the station.”

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Walker’s very own social media pages were filled with hateful posts directed a white Americans. She oftentimes called white people, crackers and devils. To make matters worse for her, she also disrespected local authorities by also posting about her hatred toward law enforcement.

Even Facebook agreed that the content was hateful and consequently deleted both of Walker’s pages, claiming: “We found that the material on Walker’s pages violated community standards, therefore we removed it.”

Steven Haffley created a video documenting her treasonous acts and also added some great commentary:

Do you agree with Haffley? Should these people be KICKED OUT of the United States?



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