White Couple Brutally Assaulted After Denying Thugs’ Sexual Advances

Disturbing video footage shows a white couple being assaulted by a gang of thugs outside a nightclub in Springfield, Missouri.

On the night of August 22, Meredith Cole was approaching a nightclub where she was set to meet her boyfriend, Alex Vessey. Unfortunately, on her way into the club, she was accosted by a gang of thugs who got handsy with her and tried to sexually assault her.


Cole managed to dodge their advances and get into the club, where she told her boyfriend what happened. The video begins with the couple leaving the club to get a better look at Cole’s attackers, and that’s when the gang attacks.


Vessey was the first to be jumped by the thugs, and he suffered a series of devastating blows at their hands. When Cole jumped in to try to save her boyfriend, she was beaten as well. After being hit by several punches and kicks, the couple suffered a variety of serious lacerations and bruises throughout the entirety of their bodies.

Seconds after the thugs fled, police arrived on the scene to pursue them. The couple was transported to the hospital for treatment.


Unfortunately, police were not able to find the thugs, and they are now appealing to the public for help.

“I wasn’t scared,” Vessey said. “I was just mad that it was happening kind of unbelievable that people act like that.”

“Hopefully they get arrested and they’re not going to do that to anybody else,” Cole added.

Since the victims in this case were white, the mainstream media has been trying to sweep it under the rug. SHARE this story so we can show that whites can be the victims of hate crimes as well!



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