Whoopi Goldberg Attacks Donald Trump, But It Just Backfired On Her In A Big Way

On Monday’s episode of the struggling talk show The View, the liberal nitwit hosts discussed a New York Times article in which presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump was accused of making inappropriate comments as well as unwanted advances toward women.

Things got messy when one panelist asked if Trump is guilty of sexual harassment, pointing out that he often accuses Bill Clinton of the same thing.

“You know what? They’re going to bring up Bill Clinton…” Joy Behar chimed in. “Bill Clinton is a dog also. What does that have to do with Hillary Clinton?”

Whoopi Goldberg then opened her big mouth and gave her opinion on whether or not Trump should become president.

“I don’t want a racist as president, sorry,” Whoopi said, according to Western Journalism. “I don’t want somebody who embraces — you know, I don’t mind — you know I have said this before, I would have been fine had he not brought in Muslims the way he did, Mexicans the way he did. And not said to the countless, you know, supremacists that seem to be backing him, ‘Hey, that’s not what I’m running on.’ Had he done that, I would not have an issue with him. But that’s not who I want representing the country.”

Twitter quickly exploded with users slamming Whoopi for her ignorant comments.

“How is it racist to point out a fact about the situation with Mexicans crossing the border illegally?” one user wrote. “Facts don’t have feelings Whoopi. Put all your feels to the side and think logically. And learn what the word racist means if you’re going to be a race baiter.”

“Tell me again how securing the border against ILLEGAL immigration is racist…Whoopi is way more racist than Trump is !!!” another Twitter user added.

“For these liberals/ dems, why in the 39 years Donald Trump has been in the public eye did no one call him a racist?” a different person posted. “Only now that he’s running for president, as a republican, does the left, the biased media, the sheep, etc say he’s racist. Tell me why? Also what makes him a racist?”

Nice try, Whoopi, but you’re going to have to do better than that if you want to take down Donald Trump! SHARE this story if you’re a proud Trump supporter!



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