You Won’t Believe What Michelle Obama Is Doing This Week…

Throughout her time as first lady, Michelle Obama has taken great pleasure in inflicting her radically liberal agenda on Americans. This week, she is preparing to do that once again when she hosts the United States of Women Summit.

While this event sounds harmless, we already know that Michelle will end up shamelessly using it to indoctrinate the attendees with her views.

As part of The White House’s The United State of Women Summit, First Lady Michelle Obama will join Oprah Winfrey for a conversation about Trailblazing the Path for the Next Generation of Women. The conversation will aim to inspire the next generation of women, shedding light on the progress the First Lady and Ms. Winfrey have seen women achieve, and to encourage young women to take action so that progress continues for generations to come. 

The United State of Women Summit will feature a variety of speakers and special guests discussing gender equality issues, economic empowerment, health and wellness, education, violence, entrepreneurship and innovation, leadership, and civic participation. The Summit will serve to rally women together to make a powerful difference in their collective future.

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