You Won’t Believe What The Obamas Just Did On Easter…

Throughout his fraud of a presidency, Barack Obama has pushed a strong anti-Christian agenda. That’s why it was insulting to the intelligence of millions of Americans when the president once again pretended to be a “good Christian man” by briefly attending church services on Easter Sunday.

According to Daily Mail, the Obama family joined over 500 others at the historically black Alfred Street Baptist Church in Virginia, where Rev Howard-John Wesley welcomed them back and described them as a “gorgeous family.”


Making it clear that they were only at the church for the photo opportunity, the Obamas only stayed at the service for about an hour. They then rushed home to the White House, where Obama quickly tweeted his family portrait along with the caption, “From my family to yours, Happy Easter, and we wish everyone celebrating a blessed and joyful day.”

Obama has made it abundantly clear that he is no Christian, so since it’s his final year in office, he might as well drop the charade. SHARE this story if the Obamas make you sick!



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