Wow! Putin Warns America “If It’s HILLARY CLINTON, IT’S WAR’ …

There has been a report doing the rounds today which talks about the details of a meeting Putin had earlier in the day in which he met with Aerospace Defense Forces commanders where he gave the order to accelerate the deployment of another couple of early missile attack detection satellites. He told them “If it’s Hillary Clinton, it’s war”.

He is said to have his missile systems ready to be deployed come January in order to counteract the moves Obama and NATO have aggressively made and they are not afraid to use them. Further NATO troops are being deployed in Eastern Europe infringes upon Putin’s territory and partaking in hostile military manoeuvres.

Putin fears that if Clinton gets elected, it will mean war. This is based on her pro-war track record that she has had ever since she first got involved in politics three decades ago. This could be the most devastating war since the Second World War

Donald Trump on the other hand has a master plan in which he intends to steer away from wars and this has European leaders stunned.

It is going to be an interesting few months that are going to change the world whither it is Hillary or Trump in the white House come January.



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