You Won’t Believe How Much of Our Tax Dollars The Obamas Are Spending On Their Argentinian Vacation…

The Obama family is currently on a lavish vacation in Argentina on the dime of American taxpayers, and they are sparing no expense for the trip.

According to The Washington Times, Obama brought not one, but two Air Force One planes for his family to enjoy a day of sightseeing on Thursday in the South American nation.

After the state dinner in Buenos Aires Wednesday night, Obama brought his wife and daughters onboard the government plane colloquially known as “baby” Air Force One on Thursday to fly to the beautiful town of Bariloche in southern Argentina. The plane is a Boeing 757 that is used to travel places that have runways that are too small for Air Force One.

Later tonight, Obama will be using the larger Air Force One, a 747-200, for the 10-plus-hour flight back to Washington. This plane costs taxpayers about $206,000 per hour, so the roundtrip to Buenos Aires cost us over $4 million, not including the additional expense of the smaller Air Force One.

Once again, the Obamas are showing no regard for the fact that most Americans are struggling just to feed their families. SHARE this story if you are sick of our tax dollars being used to fund the Obamas’ lavish lifestyles!



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