You Won’t Believe What Malia Obama Secretly Did Last Summer

There’s nothing Barack and Michelle Obama love doing more than telling us how to raise our children. However, when it comes to their own daughters, the Obamas are much too busy spending our tax dollars on extravagant vacations to help the girls become responsible adults.

Now, the Obamas’ bad parenting has finally caught up to them, as their oldest daughter Malia is starting to act out.

Malia Obama, 17, has been having the summer of her life as she interns on the set of the X-rated television series Girls. Unfortunately for her family, however, the first daughter has been spotted out partying in places that no underage girl should be going.

According to Daily Mail, Malia has been spotted out at New York hotspots all over the city this summer. While the set of the show is in Brooklyn, New Yorkers have seen Malia out partying in Soho, Manhattan, and other areas of the city.


When he visited New York with his 14 year-old daughter Sasha a few weeks ago, Barack Obama explained that he was allowing Malia to bring her little sister out for her after-hours escapades.

“Many times when they go out, they [will] make reservations under a fake name, but generally they go out on surprise without any prior notice,” Obama said. “Then the agents would check out employees and sit at different tables, and have agents posted outside, as well … as have an agent watch the food be prepared before it is served.”

Perhaps Malia’s hard-partying lifestyle was influenced by Girls creator and star Lena Dunham, who the first daughter sees as a “role model.” A proud liberal, Dunham treats Malia as if she comes from royalty, and reports say she has offered the teenager a starring role on the nudity-prevalent Girls next season.


This is not the first time young Malia has spent the summer partying with Hollywood’s elite. Last year, she took an internship on the set of Halle Berry’s television show Extant in Los Angeles. There, Malia was spotted out partying at various Hollywood hotspots. Later in the summer, she headed to Chicago with friends to party at Lollapalooza, which can only be described as a drug-fueled rager. There, the first daughter was involved in a physical altercation with a fellow concert-goer.

We can’t really blame Malia for partying the way that she does, as she is clearly acting out because her parents have placed no rules on her. Michelle and Barack have been so busy bossing around Americans that they have forgotten all about their own children. The allow the underage Malia to jet off alone wherever she pleases whenever she pleases, which has not been good for her development. Children need boundaries, and thanks to Michelle and Barack, Malia has none.

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