You’ll Get Chills When You See What Happened at the Country Music Awards

Last night was the Country Music Awards. While the event was wholly fun and lighthearted, many country music fans could not help but be sad due to the recent loss of country star Joey Feek.

Joey, who was the mother to two young girls and the wife of Rory Feek, died last month after a long battle with cancer. Many fans had been wondering if the ACM awards would do anything to honor Joey. They didn’t let fans down…

“A few weeks ago, we lost a member of our country music family in the passing of Joey Feek,” Darius Rucker said as he walked on the stage.

Martina McBride added, “Joey was more than just a wonderful singer and an ACM-winning artist along with her husband Rory. She was a beloved mom, daughter, family member and friend.”

According to Rare Politics, the crowd proceeded to burst into applause. Many even cried.

Joey was beloved not just in the country music community, but around the world. Her loss has affected millions and her memory will live within us for years to come.

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